Handling Emergencies

We know that unexpected things can happen, even with the best laid plans. Below are some tips to help deal with unexpected situations.

Situation: Co-instructor cannot come due to illness, flight delay, etc.

  • Contact team@carpentries.org. Depending on how much notice we get, we may be able to help find another Instructor.

  • Contact your helpers and host to see if any of them can provide extra support, and even teach a portion of the lessons

  • If your co-Instructor is delayed (rather than having to cancel entirely), adjust the schedule of your event so that person’s lesson come later in the event.

Situation: Group cannot get on wi-fi

  • If you anticipate this in advance, come with a handful of thumb drives to install software and data files

  • If only some learners can get on wifi, consider pairing them up so they can follow on the connected person’s machine

Situation: Building or classroom is locked

  • Ensure that you have emergency contact information for hosts(s) before the workshop and any other people involved in logistics.

  • Contact all participants if possible, and put signs on doors letting them know the workshop is postponed until further notice.

  • If your room is locked, check with building staff to see if a nearby room is available.