Carpentries Professional Development Policy

Core Team Professional Development Fund

The Carpentries Core Team have access to a professional development fund (hereon after “Core Team PDF”) of $1000/year for each full time employee.

What Activities are Eligible?

The Core Team PDF makes available funds for the purpose of supporting Core Team participation in professional development programs such as workshops and seminars and research activities.

Requests must demonstrate how the activity for which funding is sought supports the:

  1. Current Strategic Plan for The Carpentries;

  2. Employee’s Individual Professional Development:

    • Through improving performance in the employee’s current position; or

    • Through improving the employee’s qualifications for career opportunities that may arise within The Carpentries

When applying for reimbursement for professional development materials or activities, Core Team should provide a short description and justification of the expenditure. For large expenses (>$200), Core Team should seek prior approval from the Finance subcommittee.